Are You Ready For The Back To School Shoppers?



July 28 , 2014 | Posted by Robert Urban |  |

Are You Ready For The Back To School Shoppers?

While every business has cycles and seasons, two times that all boats rise are Back to School and the Christmas Holiday season.

Back to School Shoppers

IBack To Schools your business ready for the Back To School shopping season?

Hopefully you’ve already planned your company’s marketing strategy for back to school seeing as the spike in search has already started, but if not, there’s still some time. With almost 80 million students enrolling in high school or college this season in the US there is plenty of opportunity to capture.

Know your product audience

Are the parents the decision makers and the purchasers  or are the children?

What is the buying cycle?

Ensure your website and marketing and advertising all lead toward a goal- multiple purchase opportunities and single page do or die pages are very important. Remarketing is another aspect to consider depending on your product.

Some tactics you can deploy on AdWords would be:

Display phone number and relevant store locations to users searching on mobile devices (or computers!) to drive in-store sales.

Promote Sales and Geographic spend increase.

It’s not too late to take advantage of this window although it will be closing soon.