Black Friday Deals in Orlando, 2014



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Black Friday Deals in Orlando, 2014

Black Friday Deals in Orlando, 2014 are important because this is officially kicks off the holiday shopping season, which now lasts from Thanksgiving Day itself to Christmas Eve. The National Retail Federation predicts retail sales will rise a healthy 4.1% to $616.9 billion.The holiday shopping season is critical for the economy because around 20% of retail sales occur between Black Friday and Christmas. (For some retailers, such as Orlando jewelers, it’s even higher — nearly 40%.)

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Not all of my blog readers are business owners; hopefully some of you found this blog by typing in Black Friday. In honor of you, here is a segemtn and some tips and techniques to make the most out of Black Friday from a consumer perspective.

Here are a few surefire shopping strategies.

Before you become a part of the crowd chaos, take a couple minutes to plan your hunt for the big bargains.

There are plenty of apps to make your shopping easier.

Pat Dermody is the president of, a mobile platform that locates the deals near you.

“So, on your phone or on your iPad, you can find all your favorite Sunday ads,” Dermody explains. “So, whether its Macy’s or Target or Toys ‘R Us, or PaperBoat Media or Kohl’s..”

Another great app is TGI Black Friday. The IOS and Android app was made specifically for Black Friday. It boasts over 10,000 deals from dozens of stores. You can even get push notifications for the latest deals.

And according to, you don’t have to camp outside stores anymore. DealNews says last year up to 70 percent of in-store Black Friday deals were also available online.

Experts predict the best Black Friday bargains will be found in the electronics section.

And remember, more and more stores are kicking off Black Friday on Thursday, Thanksgiving night.

“Best Buy is opening at 6, Walmart is opening at 6, Macy’s is opening at 8, Sears is opening at 8, Bon-Ton I think is opening at 8, so Thanksgiving night instead of sitting at home in front of the TV,” Dermody says.

If you want to compare prices on your phone among different retailers for a product, tryapps like PriceGrabber or ShopSavvy.

To help you find parking, there’s an app called ParkMe that actually guides you to an open space. Other similar apps include Parkopedia and ParkingWhiz.

Helpful Shopping Apps

According to an article by the Washington Post, these are the seven apps that will lead to “smoother shopping”:

PriceGrabber: Compare prices on an item from different stores.

BuyVia: Search for local deals for a specific item.

TGI Black Friday: Skim through 10,000 deals and get discount notifications from an app specially designed to help people shop on Black Friday.

ShopSavvy: Scan items and compare prices from different stores. It also offers a map.

Flipp: Go through all the store advertisements showcasing their deals.

ShopAdvisor: This app helps you track specific products and then alerts you when they are likely to hit the best price.

Black Friday App: Overwhelmed by all the deals? Don’t know what to buy? Pick a store and work from there with this app.