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Employers can expect to see candidates who meet job requirements and sync with their organizations on a cultural level. Developing that kind of synergy takes outside-the-box thinking and a personal commitment to each candidate or employer who works with Paperboat Media.

We invite you to contact Paperboat Media at your convenience to get started creating a work relationship that lasts.


Contract / Freelance

Paperboat Media is a creative employment agency representing highly skilled professionals who can pinch hit on immediate projects, fill team gaps and support growth. We quickly deliver the exact talent you require – often the next day. To exceed your expectations, we apply a proven, rigorous methodology for vetting each candidate. We have spent the last 10 years building relationships with some of the best people in their respective fields.


We help clients build mission-critical teams to propel their brands and fuel future growth. Nothing is more satisfying than successfully connecting one of our clients with one of our candidates. The thrill of the win-win never gets old. Our consultative approach enables us to expertly match talent across professional, interpersonal and company culture requirements.

What makes us different (in 4 quick points!)

  1. We are in the business of putting people first.

    We pay attention to the things that matter in your business and employment needs and create situations that are able to help you grow, one person at a time. We know the right questions to ask because we are experts in the field ourselves.

  2. We are on it.

    You can guarantee that we have done the work behind the scenes. Our longstanding experience in recruiting guarantees a ‘fit’ that has been tailored
    to your specific employment needs. We use specialized and in-depth screening tools to ensure that your candidates are outstanding as well as qualified. We use digital recruiting methods and our long lasting relationships to deliver candidates that can’t be found anywhere else.

  3. We listen and provide you with undivided attention.

    Customer service is what matters to us and so when it comes to our clients, you do not have to tell us twice. We keep accurate and up to date records of your needs and aim to be a seamless part of your business through the entire hiring process. We are your partner.

  4. We are reliable. You can count on us.

    We are a leader in our industry because we have a proven record of success. We care about the people we work with.