Executive Positions We Staff

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As a strategic resource for executive placement, PBM, helps companies identify, recruit and secure game changing leaders in Florida and other locations worldwide. Our innovative approach applies digital recruiting and cutting edge technology, industry expertise, market intelligence and a robust digital rolodex to deliver top performers that advance your unique goals and environment.

Finding great people to help make your company productive and profitable isn’t easy. While all roles matter, the responsibility and authority that executives have due to the nature of their position means that you HAVE to find the right blend of leadership, experience and personality for continued growth and success. This is not easy.. We overcome that difficulty by staying engaged with the best performers in your industry. We have long lasting relationships that have been forged over the last decade with some of the best and brightest in Florida. We listen to your needs, provide feedback and recommendations and considers ourselves your partner in everything we do.

What Do We Mean By Executive?

All organizations have specific goals and objectives that they strive to meet. Executives devise strategies and formulate policies to ensure that these goals and objectives are met. Although they have a wide range of titles—such as chief executive officer, chief operating officer, general manager, president, vice president, school superintendent, county administrator, and mayor—all formulate policies and direct the overall operations of businesses and corporations, public-sector organizations, nonprofit institutions, and other organizations.

Here are some of the titles of executive positions we fill.


VP of Marketing
Chief Branding Officer
Director of Marketing
Creative Director
Art Director
Vice President of Public Relations
Vice President of Corporate Communications
Chief Engagement Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Digital Officer