Executive Staffing



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Executive Staffing

Executive Staffing

Executive staffing firms  assist in attracting, interviewing, and hiring mid- to senior-level employees. Executive staffing (Also known as Executive Search Firms) like Paperboat Media have long been used by big businesses but more small and mid-sized firms are realizing that they can also benefit from allowing us to help draft accurate and enticing job descriptions, generate a pool of qualified candidates for top-level jobs, vet references, and speed the hiring process.

There are many economic signals that the economy is turning around and finding executives and senior management to steer growth and head into new waters is important. Executive staffing firms eliminate 1st party bias. Our entire purpose of our executive staffing division is to bring into consideration candidates that might not be otherwise identifiable in the market. They may not respond to an advertisement. It opens up a whole range of candidates who might not have been aware of or shown interest in your appointment.

The cost of a bad hire can be considerable. It can cost your firm time and money and its competitive edge in the marketplace. Tackling an executive search on your own can also distract your senior staff from managing and growing the business while they search for the right hires.

How Do Executive Staffing Firms Work?

I can;t speak for every company, but Paperboat Media works both on contigency and retainer.

  • Contingency  Transaction-oriented — we are paid only if you hire a candidate we present to you. We work on a percentage (typically 20-30 percent) of the candidate’s first year total compensation.
  • Retainer This is when we have an exclusive relationship with the employer and we are hired for a specific period of time to find a candidate. In this model we are paid a higher percentage (typically 30–35 percent) of the estimated first year compensation regardless of whether a candidate is hired.  ‘Most assignments are paid in three installments, typically one-third of the total fee to initiate the search, one-third when quality candidates are presented and interviewed, and one-third when the position is filled

Paperboat Media  Efficiency Metrics
Executive Search Firms use various metrics for benchmarking purposes. Paperboat Media uses the following recruiting metrics.

  • Days to first submittal
  • Days to fill a position
  • Submittal to interview efficiency ratio
  • Interview to offer efficiency ratio
  • Offer to close efficiency ratio
  • Diversity ratio
  • Retention percentage
  • Average salary of filled positions

We Make It A Point To Understand Your Needs 
We are not a paper shop. We will not send you dozens of resumes. We will send you two or three of the absolute best person we can find Someone who matches on a skill level and is a cultural fit for the company. We dedicate time to gather information about your company, and understand the key selling features of the employer, business culture, and employees. Before we begin any search, we discuss any problem that the company faces, the culture, and develop an understanding of the specific personality, skills, knowledge, and education desired in a potential candidate. We want a clear, complete and mutual understanding of your needs.

At Paperboat Media, we believe the most fruitful search firm partnerships are founded on trust, open communication, and a commitment from each party. Cultivating a true partnership with a recruiter will enable you to attract, hire, and retain the best people in your industry.

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