How Do You Choose Which Keywords To Use On Your Website?



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How Do You Choose Which Keywords To Use On Your Website?

Search Engine optimization in OrlandoKeyword Research

The difference between your company ranking on the first page of Google for a specific keyword or phrase over the second page can mean several hundred thousand more in profit in the long run for your company. While there are other important factors that number one factor that contributes to where you rank is your keywords and copy.
Which word or phrase is your audience searching for that will lead them to your exact service or product offering?
Is “Orlando dentist” or “dentist in Orlando” better? How about “personal injury attorney” or “personal injury lawyer”.
This isn’t just guesswork. This definition of your keywords is the ultimate success factor of your business online.

Keyword Research

There are three things that you want to look for when researching keywords- search volume, competitiveness and intent.

1) Volume means that there are enough people searching to justify using that term.

2) Competitiveness means is it possible to win that keyword or at least rank well for it?

3) Intent- does the keyword match your goals?

For example “car reviews” shows someone is probably in the buying cycle and may be a good fit where “car maintenance tips” isn’t in line at all with with someone in the market.

It takes a mixture of automated tools and experience to understand intent and to know volume and competitiveness.

This is only the beginning. From this research the architecture of the website is crafted. Every main theme keyword or phrase should be siloed and have it’s own well written copy- focusing on that word and variations- being written for both the search engines and for the audience you are trying to convert.

The onpage factors done right can mean the difference between listed page one and not even being able to be found- several thousands of dollars difference just from search. If you plan on doing PPC then the right words will also save you money from a much high quality score.

You do not want to go with the lowest bidder only to regret it later when you don’t rank well.

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