Keyword Audit and Analysis



March 5 , 2015 | Posted by Robert Urban |

Keyword Audit and Analysis

keyword analysisKeyword Audit and Analysis

Not all words are created equal. What is the right word (or combination of words) that you should be trying to win in order to being the right customer to your site?

Paperboat Media takes the guesswork out of that answer. We use a combination of tools and experience to find the right keywords or keyword phrases.

What exactly do we mean by the right keyword?

The right keyword has three distinct elements:

1)      Total Search Volume- Are there enough people looking for this word to make the effort trying to win it worthwhile?

2)      How competitive is the market going after the word? Is it reasonable to say there is chance of winning the word? For example we worked with someone who wanted to win the  word “lawyer”. Given the amount of competition for articles, websites, etc including that word there is no way someone could win it within a reasonable budget.

3)      Intent- How is the phrase being used. Is it a sales flag phrase like How much does “xyz” cost?


How do we start?

We do an intake with you. We ask about your business and come up with a very short list of what you think are industry terms and how people name what you do.

We then come up with an exhaustive list of the words that you should betraying to win.

Every phrase or word we want to win should be siloed in regards to web content and marketing strategy. What this means is because Google wants to return the best result for what people are looking for a page should be themed about that one word. For example if you have seven different services, each service should have its own page.

Paperboat Media offers comprehensive keyword research and analysis strategies, using world-class, proprietary keyword tools to identify and act on opportunities to establish short term and long term SEO goals.

Find out what Paperboat Media can do for you today.