Medical Marketing For Doctors and Dentists



August 12 , 2014 | Posted by Robert Urban |

Medical Marketing For Doctors and Dentists

Marketing For Doctors and Dentist

Paperboat Media has an incredible reputation for successful marketing for various doctors, dentists, urgent care centers, plastic surgeons and hospitals. (The president of Paperboat always jokes that because his son is so active he has met every doctor in a 20 square mile and made friends with them). In such a competitive industry such as healthcare, what is Paperboat Media formula for success?

The secret to success in medical marketing is that there is no formula. Every single doctor, dentist, hospital, etc has its own audience, goals, tone, keywords-every solution has to be unique to that respective practice.


When it comes to marketing a dental or medical practice, some may tell you just need a flashy website. Others might say you’ll need SEO (search engine medical marketing optimization). There will be some with the opinion that all you need is PPC (paid advertisement) or a great social media marketing channel.

But, what any healthcare professional running a practice needs is a marketing strategy, a plan that fits your practice and area. That is what we do for our clients by offering marketing through online ads, interest-based ads, mobile ads, social media and also local SEO- all to build relationships, referrals, and raving patients. We understand the daily challenges doctors face running a business, while taking care of patients and managing a team. We expect doctors to be experts at broken bones and easing pain, not having to become experts in marketing themselves as they open their own practice.

What Do All Doctors Need?

New Patients Every Month At The Lowest Possible Cost Per New Patient!!

We Get New Patients To Call Your Practice

Simply put, we turn web traffic into new patients at a significantly lower cost per new patient than any other advertising medium we know. On average, our cosmetic surgeon and cosmetic dentist clients spend about $200 in marketing to get each new patient. This new patient brings in an average of $2000 of short-term procedural revenue and the lifetime value is so much more.

Would you pay $200 for a new patient like that?

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