My Three Secrets to Social Media Marketing Success



September 12 , 2015 | Posted by Robert Urban |

My Three Secrets to Social Media Marketing Success

Social Media Success For Doctors in Orlando

Not to sound brash, but I am a highly sought consultant for Internet marketing. I work with some of the biggest names in Orlando and have given advice and consultation to companies around the world. My area of expertise is in driving campaigns that work- whatever medium- PPC, SEO, or through social media channels. I am changing directions and going to be focusing mostly on PPC and SEO so like Willy Wonka, opening my factory and sharing my secrets, albeit with social media. (Regrettably, in addition there is no chocolate waterfalls to be found and there are no small people from a foreign land who break out into song or tubes that suck up greedy kids anywhere around the office).

  1. Create an editorial calendar – First, decide which channels are right for your business. Is Facebook the best or is twitter. Is Pinterest worth it? What about Instagram? There is nothing more unprofessional than a social channel that is not being utilized or listened to. (Knowing when someone writes something on one of your channels.) Create an editorial calendar that has every single possible event for your company on it. Social media marketing should be planned, not just an arbitrary task to be done whenever. Mediums should be complimentary- for example an email blast promoting something should have an accompany tweet or fb post, etc.
  2. Posting Routine- Here is what many companies facebook feeds look like– Sales post , 10 percent off, BOGO. sales post, sales post, sales post. Snoozefest- Boring!!! Try this instead. Post about something topical in the news and Tie back into business. Anything can be tied to anything- be creative. For example- a dental company and golf- “Tiger woods had a great shot today- did you see his smile after that shot? It was beautiful. Do you think athletes care about how their smile looks? Of course many of them do. And so should you. Blah Blah Blah. Next, talk about something in the community- once again tie back. You are a life coach. Write something about Orlando soccer. Then write about leadership in sports and how that transcends the field and can applied to the boardroom. Talk about success of team effort versus individual effort. Third, post a picture of something funny or cute- throwback Thursday, etc. Next write something about the company- community involvement- and include an offer or sale. So thats something:local topical, community, national topical , picture, company- repeat. Keep it interesting. have a policy about how to respond. Have the person responding authority to do something about an issue. (this is why you want someone senior doing this- also so they have the business acumen and savvy to not write something stupid)
  3. Social Karma– like other pages and people. Give props to your vendors, partners, companies you like, products you like. Often they will like you back and often this increases your audience.

For more specific strategy, you can always call me, but I guarantee you follow my formula and you too will have success in social media marketing.