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Between the new rules regarding EMR, HIPPA, Affordable Care Act AND the difference  in audience behavior change is the new constant. As you face these changes in the profession and in your personal practice, you are faced with a choice of perspective. You can focus on a future where you work harder to see more patients and struggle to maintain the level of productivity you have now. Or, you can see these changes as the opportunity you’ve needed to move your practice forward and build it up in the way you want.

Many doctors default to the first perspective and find themselves quickly burnt out. Those who choose to see the opportunities, however, are able to use these changes as building blocks to transform their practice. They simply have to learn how to use them. ALthough based out of Orlando, Paperboat works with clients all over the world.

Only You Can Make This Choice

Consider these factors that are shaping the direction of medical practices:

  • The government and other forces are intruding on health care more and more, and patients are looking for care providers who are prepared and able to handle this.
  • There are better, more effective ways to market your practice that simply didn’t exist in the past.

Together, these shifts in the field are redirecting medical practices and providing massive opportunities for you to build an organized, thriving practice. Those who don’t face and embrace these will find themselves struggling to function in a world they no longer understand. The good news for you is that you can choose whether or not to adapt. No one can take that choice from you—except yourself.

There Are Practical Ways to Adapt Successfully, and You Can Learn Them

Most doctors are not taught how to adapt and make the most of shifts in the profession. This isn’t their fault. They may even want to make the changes, but end up giving up and missing out on thousands of dollars simply because they don’t know what to do or where to start. That is why PaperBoat Media is here. Our team has created and refined strategies to help you dramatically grow your practice. Dozens of doctors across The Unites States trust us with their practice. We firmly believe that your job is to be a great doctor- we will handle getting clients in the door.

What kind of practices are a great fit for PBM?

All sizes. We have multi-doctor, multi-office, multi-million dollar practices as members, right next to little solo-doc offices. Size isn’t important.

All locations. Our members work all over the United States and even internationally. Big city, backwoods rural, north, south, east, west, mountains, beaches—wherever. They are learning to thrive in their own communities.

All levels of experience. You could be brand-new to the field, starting in your first office, or you could have been in the game for multiple decades. We have engaged and successful members in both categories.

 Today, Internet marketing for healthcare businesses is no longer a question of whether you should have a presence, but how strong a presence you have.

If your website doesn’t rank close to the top of the search results, prospective patients are missing you… and you’re missing a significant marketing opportunity.

PaperBoat Media offers the most advanced online marketing strategies for getting your medical practice, clinic, hospital, service or products discovered—and respected—online.


We offer a myriad of services for your convenience, but we specialize in gathering fresh new patients from the internet. We typically utilize a combination of search engine optimization “SEO” and paid ads “PPC” to assure proper coverage in your local marketplace. If you’re interested in gathering your share of the thousands of leads generated each month on Google contact us today.

Marketing your practice doesn’t have to be frustrating, and it shouldn’t cost you in the end. Your return should be far greater than anything you spend. If this sounds right to you, contact us today at 407-227-0741 or email our CEO directly at Robert@paperboatmedia.com

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