Anchor1-349x500Orlando PPC – (Pay-Per-Click)

If you have lived in Orlando more than a minute you know I-4 has plenty of traffic. Many companies will promise the same to you when dealing with Orlando PPC. Often with the same result.

A headache and not going anywhere anytime soon.

Instead, Paperboat want to bring qualified PPC leads to your company that have a strong likelihood of closing.

Do you know what a lead is worth? We will discuss your business and help you discover what the lifetime value of a customer is worth. Our Paid Search Engine Marketing Promise to You “We promise to use every bit of our experience, knowledge of best industry practices and creativity to generate qualified leads at the lowest cost possible”

We believe in transparency- there is no secret formula that we have or methods that only PaperBoat Media knows. Quality results only come from personal attention, time spent on your account and hard, smart work. Our ROI focused approach to PPC advertising means that you get someone who will make it their duty to become intimately familiar with your business in a very short time. We are Orlando based businessmen and businesswomen who are fascinated by inner workings of any company. We don’t want you to have to answer questions often about your industry or field every day- you are too busy for that.

We are not vendors. We are not suppliers. We are not even consultants. We want to be your trusted partner-whose contributions, ideas, processes, and insights are incredibly valuable to your company’s long term goals. We want to be on your Christmas Card list years from now. Lastly, we want to reinforce we never lock you into a contract.

While there are certain marketing elements that take time to see the full cycle, PPC is relatively quick to set up and see results. Sure, there is constant refinement, but we will know very quickly if it is right for your business.

I want to earn your business every month and every time you send a check, you feel that is was well deserved.