PPC For Lasik Surgeons | Ophthalmologist


Pay-per-click (OR ppc) advertising for ophthalmologists can get your website into the very top search engine results for certain keywords. Unlike organic SEO tactics, PPC listings can give you immediate exposure on high priority keyword phrases.

At PaperBoat Media, we recognize the value of a strategically designed PPC campaign for ophthalmology, where many practices waste lots of click-through costs. We help you maximize your return on your PPC investment.

What PPC can do for your Ophthalmology Practice

PPC marketing can effectively attract web traffic to key pages of your website, and convert traffic into new patient leads forLASIK, cataract surgery and other procedures you offer. Some of our ophthalmology clients find PPC alone to be effective, while other ophthalmologists have combined PPC and SEO for an optimally comprehensive marketing strategy.

With PPC, you pay the search engines every time someone clicks on one of your sponsored listings. Our job is to make sure you buy the right clicks for the right price. Sponsored listings are the links listed at the top of the page and on the right column.

Why Choose PaperBOAT MEDIA for your PPC Campaign?

We are dedicated to getting your best possible return on investment from PPC advertising for ophthalmologists. As your PPC and internet marketing team, we:

  • Develop your PPC campaign based on your goals and your monthly budget.
  • Make changes to your campaign based on how it is performing, as shown through meticulous tracking and reporting of PPC metrics.
  • Provide detailed information telling you exactly how the money in your monthly budget is being spent.
  • Write landing page ophthalmology content carefully tailored to your desired audience and what they are searching for.
  • Provide personalized attention from our PPC specialists, not robots or automated software.

At PaperBoat Media, we can develop a PPC strategy that will be most effective in getting conversions from the web and ultimately increasing revenue for your ophthalmology practice.

To find out if a PPC campaign is right for your ophthalmology practice, please contact us today.

Because our service is so highly targeted, the leads generated through our system will be actual buyers, not simply window shoppers. These are people who are ready to invest in better eyesight without glasses or contacts.