Digital Recruiting

Right now there is a digital convergence where marketing and technology are becoming more intertwined. Users within organizations are making decisions that were once only happening at the C-suite–CMOs and CIOs are beginning to dialogue at levels that were previously unheard of. Some organizations are even creating a Chief Digital Officer role to precisely bridge these two previously separated worlds. Technology has changed how we attract, interact, and retain our customers.

It’s also changed how we attract, interact, and retain our talent.

We’re a digital marketing agency which means we are experts in navigating the inner workings of the web. We understand not only how to drive traffic to sites, but also how to leverage the internet to find people and resources that others would be challenged to find. If you decide that a full-time employee is required, be it marketing or technology-related, then we’ll help you find the talent with our unique approach.

Unlike a traditional recruiting agency, we create a positive partnership with Human Resource departments as we are able to offer internet marketing consulting services to improve your own recruiting efforts, offer you a co-sourcing approach, or even traditional full-service recruiting. We have no agenda, other than helping you at the appropriate level and cost to meet your goals.

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