Search Engine Optimization and Sandwiches



June 12 , 2014 | Posted by Robert Urban | ,  |

Search Engine Optimization and Sandwiches

Marketing can provide the  business intelligence and audience preferences that help you improve your company, however marketing in itself doesn;t change your business. At PaperBoat Media, we tell people often that we don’t make a good sandwich. So what does that mean?

One of our very first clients was a small vegan store in Orlando. We did the SEO, PPC and built a pretty good prescence for the company and it was a smashing success. We had people lined up out the door for the grand opening. The staff was friendly, but in all honestly the food wasn’t that good. The owner hired new kitchen staff and tried various recipes and eventually got it right, but there was a valuable lesson for us- we don’t make sandwiches.

Whatever, your company offers – whether tangible goods or consumer or business services there are factors which are more important than the marketing.

How professional is your staff?

How good is your product?

How is your customer service?

All the good marketing in the world can’t overcome a terrible integral component of your company. What is your proverbial sandwich? Is it good? If it is good, then that is where we come in. Whatever you do well, we will let the world know.