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September 6 , 2015 | Posted by Robert Urban |

SEO Experts In Orlando | PaperBoat Media

SEO Expertise. Who are the SEO experts in Orlando?

PaperBoat Media are THE SEO Consultants that you can trust.

. How is this defined? Measured?

Portfolios and results are the number one indicator of SEO expertise. SEO Consultants Should ALWAYS e able to prove how good they are at their crafr.

Just to qualify this post- here are two terms- very competitve, high volume, strong intent that we put effort into ranking for. Go ahead and google them and see our results. Our Orlando based marketing agency’s bread and butter is PPC and SEO and Big Data staffing. If you google Orlando PPC, we come up first. This is because, while we work with national clients, most of the people we work with and want to work with are Orlando and Central Florida based business.

Our recruiting division has expertise in Big Data Staffing. One of the main targets of that, nationally, is the term Hadoop Staffing. There we are again- Top three…in the nation.

We have tons of other results, but all these lead to Rome- our SEO kicks ass.

SEO Expert | SEO Consultant 

Why- what do we do different? What makes us SEO Experts? Why is there a difference between SEO Consultant and SEO Expert.

First , while we look at rankings and keywords and all that jazz, our first question is of the utmost importance and what many SEO’s don’t even ask- What is success look like for your business and are we improving that? Are we helping directly build conversions, sales, social awareness, etc.

We don’t use number of links and audiences as are determinant, but rather as indicators of our success.

How do we directly impact your bottom line? This is what we care about… and what makes us good. Because business is our expertise, SEO is just a tool we are great with that helps get there.

What SEO is all about these days

At the end of the day SEO is not only about just SEO  but about

  • content creation
  • social networking
  • and ultimately public relations

SEO becomes increasingly part of a larger marketing strategy.
Currently SEO is advancing in different directions:

  • complexity (web development, analytics)
  • social Media (networking, public relations where the public actually is)
  • content creation (blogging, writing, “rich media” like video)

These directions are very different, but the movements towards them takes place at the same time. While some people concentrate only on one of those, others attempt to cover all of them.

In basic SEO you just want

  • to rank
  • get found
  • or garner huge traffic.

In advanced SEO you make sure the traffic is viewed as people, customers, multipliers.

However, At its root core, SEO has never changed. Promote interesting original content people want to share.

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