Stop Helping The Poor People This Holiday Season!



October 30 , 2014 | Posted by Robert Urban |

Stop Helping The Poor People This Holiday Season!


Orlando hoemless
As the holiday season approaches, you will soon hear the Salvation Army and other barkers ringing their bells and asking for your money. I am not sure if you realized this and it was probably unintentional, but if you give them money you are helping POOR PEOPLE!! Being poor is a dastardly thing to be and should be criminal and now you are contributing.
Why, some of these poor people work two, even three jobs and they are still poor. They are taking all the minimum wage jobs away from the rest of us.
Do you really believe that they should be allowed to eat the same food as the non-poor?
There are even a large swath of these poor that are children. Not only are these children poor but they also have little teeth. Double scary!!
So they don’t have homes? Big whoop. I took 6 months off from work a few years ago and drove cross- country and camped across the US or lived in my jeep. They should be thankful they don’t have a mortgage.
Does their ungratefulness know no bounds?
Take presents for example. Do you know how much stress is involved in deciding what to give people? How much is appropriate to spend on my maid? I already gave her a job…Isn’t that enough?
They don’t have the same stress that us non-poor people do.
And for the really destitute? It’s a sham. Do you realize how expensive magic markers are; but they seem to be able to create signs with aplomb.
And speaking of signs, How about instead of telling me you need “to eat” or that you are a homeless veteran on your sign, write something entertaining- I saw a sign once online that said Ninjas kidnapped my family-now that’s humor. I will decide if I can forego my daily starbucks money if I find your despair entertaining enough.
Poor people should decide to not be poor anymore. (Just like depressed people should decide instead to be happy, but that’s for another post)
Do not volunteer to feed the hungry around Thanksgiving. I know you think mistakenly once again that the poor deserve a nice meal with all of the trimmings, but this is time that should be much better spent planning the best route for Black Friday- have you seen some of the deals this year? Don’t worry about having to fight against the crowds against poor people- they are often working.
So this holiday season, take a little time and send your money to the people who really need it- Big pharma, Wall Street, Bank Executives. Oil barons- these are the people with real stress. What if their 19 year old crashes their new Ferrari or what if they can’t monetize the Ebola scare like they planned.
Stop thinking about yourself.