The Best Salesman You Could Ever Hire



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The Best Salesman You Could Ever Hire

The Best Salesman Ever

What is a good salesman worth? What if there was one that worked 24/7- never took breaks and you only had to pay once? You never had to pay for expenses,

That’s what a great website does. It sells your product. It does this one of two ways. best salesman ever
1) A well made website is designed to have pages show up in the results when a client puts in certain words or phrases when typing in a search query into Google or another search engine.
What if someone typed in “best (Insert whatever you sell or offer) ?” or something else germane to your industry? If you  aren’t showing up near the top you are losing a ton of business.
How many leads would it took from the website for it to pay for itself? 
2) The second way sells is validation. Existing companies that have heard of your product or want to want work with you look for your website.A website is a direct reflection of the company and it’s brand and tell the customer a lot.
Your website is a salesman representing you 24/7, 365 days a year. He is always there.

The idea that today you just have to have a website is not totally accurate. You have to have a website that truly communicates who you are to your potential customers. It has to represent the essence of your business and you. There is a huge difference between having a website and having one that kicks ass.

At Paperboat Media, we build incredible SEO driven, navigation friendly that convert leads as well as have the marketing chops to bring that website to people’s attention through other means.

Your website is not the place to try to get the cheapest possible solution because it is a place where you can lose more opportunity than you ever know. You don’t have to get the most expensive, outrageous option either. You need to get what you truly need in order to “wow” people when they come to your site. You want their impression to be, “Wow, I want to do business with this company.”