To The Kids Who Are The Nerds, The Outsiders- the Different Ones



September 20 , 2016 | Posted by Robert Urban |

To The Kids Who Are The Nerds, The Outsiders- the Different Ones

To the kids & teenagers who are weirdos or outsiders or …just different.

We send you to school to prepare you for the world. You get a chance to experience what life is like. And sadly, sometimes because you stutter, or wear glasses or can’t sit still or can’t throw a football or whatever,
you find that people can be incredibly cruel.
These same people throwing sticks and stones don’t realize that school was perhaps also your only shelter from home
Home-where words cut like razors and did more damage than sometimes the fist you felt from the very same adults who the universe entrusted to love you most and to care for you.
Hold on, dear one.
You are spectacular and valuable and interesting.
I am not saying that once you leave school, the world is always kind, but you get to choose who you surround yourself by and even in a figurative sense of the world, who your family is.
So be you, study the periodic chart or listen to emo or whatever the hell else you do because you are , as is, enough.
And when you grow up, you will find people like me- who think you are interesting as hell and enjoy being your friend. You will find an employer like me who wants creativity and originality. You will find a hurting person who needs someone who knows what went through or going through. You will have empathy and the power to brighten others lights because you knew your shine was once dim as well, but itdosn’t have to stay that way.
Don’t end the whole book, because this chapter sucks. You eventually get to be the sole author of your life.