Tokyo Medical Marketing



September 14 , 2016 | Posted by Robert Urban |

Tokyo Medical Marketing

Let Us Fill Your Waiting Room With New Patients

Tokyo is saturated with other doctors, dentists, plastic surgeons and other medical and healthcare professionals. How do you get found among the crowd? You contact us.

It can be difficult to stand out as a healthcare provider in today’s highly competitive, oversaturated marketplace, but thanks to years of successful, strategic campaigns and a nuanced, niche understanding of a vast array of medical specialties, we are able to draw out and target your specific audience through a streamlined approach that not only obtains, but maintains, unrivaled results.

Healthcare organizations including medical, dental, private practices, plastic surgeon, hospital, pharmaceutical and life care have discovered the power of PaperBoat marketing, advertising and promotion.

We understand how to best position you to your patients, your community and your referrers in line with your goals.

Doctors and surgeons in Tokyo would prefer to focus on caring for their patients instead of managing their medical marketing.  PaperBoat give you the peace of mind that someone is working as hard as you..

Every practice is unique and has different goals. Often, doctors and surgeons have specific objectives. They may want greater per-patient revenue or patients from new service locations. Unfortunately, many internet marketing companies jump right into designing websites or social media campaigns without understanding what they are trying to achieve.

PaperBoat Media begins by learning about your goals. Our experience in medical marketing in Tokyo means that we already know many of the issues you face and the opportunities available to you.

With these conversations, we determine your business objectives. Then, we create a strategy for succeeding with them.

Right-Sized for Medical Professionals

As a doctor, you aim to provide the most personal attention possible for your patients. We work the same way.

PaperBoat Media offers a smaller team and a more individualized approach than other marketing companies. This gives us more time to learn about you and your practice. A smaller team also means a streamlined approach to your project, since everyone supporting you knows how their work connects together.

Start With A Free Consultation

If your medical practice could benefit from more effective marketing, give us a call. We’ll talk about the challenges you’re facing and the ways in which we can help. Contact us at 407-680-2400 or fill out the lead form on the right of this page.