Wal-Mart Wins Me Back



September 19 , 2016 | Posted by Robert Urban |

Wal-Mart Wins Me Back

Wal-Mart Wins Me Back

I swore off Wal-mart several years ago. I checked them out recently and they have really upped their game in regards to carrying organic food and the prices simply can’t be beaten Well they have this new service offering, where you can go online and order all of your items and reserve a time to pick it up in a designated parking space where they bring it to you and load it for you.
No mark-up on price and no fee for service.
(Wal-mart says no tipping, but I just had several dollars worth of groceries so after the guy emptied his pallet of bags for me into my trunk I slipped him a tip, which he appreciated.)

  • High quality organic and Non-GMO food
  • Easy to use ordering and payment
  • Very Affordable
  • Incredibly convenient pick-up

These are popping up in almost every Super Wal-mart across the nation, even a couple podunk towns like Walterboro offers this.
This is a great example of innovation and listening to your customers at a fortune 500 level- Brilliant decision.

Wal-mart has won me back.