Why Cheap SEO is Costly



June 17 , 2014 | Posted by Robert Urban |  |

Why Cheap SEO is Costly

As a business owner I understand making prudent financial decisions. I ask around and get the best price for various products and try to save a dollar anyplace Orlando SEOthat I can. I also understand the difference between affordable and cheap.

Affordable means that whatever the actual price is, it is worth it to me because a) the ROI is much greater than the cost and b) there is justification for the price.

Cheap means low cost, low return, shoddy work and empty promises…but hey you saved some money.

Not really. What happens to your profits if your rank falls greatly or your website can no longer be found at all? We have seen it happen all too often.

Experience matters in the SEO game. While there is no magic formula or items that only a lucky select few know about it, there is a blend in strategy, creativity and best practices which makes someone good at SEO. You don’t want someone who is just familiar with SEO as a tool; you want someone who understands what drives your business, why someone would want your company, search behavior and psychographics (the study of personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles) who can then expertly use SEO to sculpt your website into exactly what your users and the search engines want.

Great solid, successful SEO and social strategies take time. Time is money. Try to save a few dollars now by hiring a cheap, inexperienced, or shoddy “professional” and you’ll regret it later.

Affordable SEO in Orlando

At PaperBoat we are experts in these and we will still give you a fair and affordable price for the work we deliver.

Many low cost firms are able to give you ridiculously low prices because they often outsource their work to foreign countries, have inexperienced interns doing the lion’s share of the work, or use what is called black hat , or illegal, practices to show you quick results. They are not there though when a month later Google penalizes you and you are in danger of losing your website forever.

So what can happen?

Cheap links or linkbuilding campaigns inspire the wrath of the algorithm named  Google Penguin.Google hates link spam. Google punishes link spam. In fact, Google punishes anything that even looks like link spam. Inexperience can be just as dangerous as a linkbuilder who overtly is trying to game the system, since an amateur may not understand what they are doing looks like link spam to the search engines.

Cheap Content brings you the Google algorithm Panda. This update effectively killed software content spinners and content farms. Your website is a story-use it to move people to act, to communicate with you, to want you over the competition.  Compelling content takes a great writer (Did You Know Paperboat’s CEO is a best selling author?)

Would you let the newest mech work on your Ferrari?

Your business is 1000 times more valuable than a Ferrari because it is the culmination of your dreams, hard work and sacrifice to get it started so only trust the experts in SEO with something so valuable.

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