Why I admire Harvey Massey and Massey Services Inc



September 11 , 2014 | Posted by Robert Urban |

Why I admire Harvey Massey and Massey Services Inc

Showcase of Companies I Admire- Massey Services

As the president of a company I admire other business leaders who take risks, are innovative and who do good business without compromising their character. I believe that Harvey Massey and his company, Massey Services exemplifies these traits. Here is why-

What separates your service or product from the competition? For every one successful business, there are ten in the exact same line of service that fail. Why have most pest control companies failed where Massey has succeeded?

The answer lay in how Massey’s leadership envisioned the company. You see they focused on being a single point solution with overlapping services that focused on building relationships. They didn’t sell you pest control per se, they sold you reliability and peace of mind that a problem would be taken care of. They sold and lived that you had a partner in your fight to keep your home great. Once they built your trust with one service they softly offered other services and continued to concrete the relationship. Harvey Massey took the risk in diversifying his service offering and it paid off. People can understand why the three services Massey offers (pest prevention, termite protection and landscape care) overlap. It wasn’t some crazy amalgam of services i.e. pool repair and painting services. 

I do not know Harvey Massey, other than reputation. However reading his bio gives you a sense that he started as a service tech and worked his way up the ladder. The lessons he learned on the street haven’t been forgotten as they sit in the boardroom. Their employees are very well taken care of, very polite and professional- which speaks volumes of training, hiring and leadership by example. If you ever call, you’ll never get a recording, but a live person answering your call.

In a time and climate where corporate greed is commonplace it is refreshing to see the environmental, social and community involvement that the Massey team are involved with. They walk the walk when it comes to values from top down management.

They have a strong advertising and PR team and I would love to discuss search and PPC efforts as they continue to grow and help them as they venture into “What’s Next?” for the company.

If you have any questions, need help, or even want to work together, let me know.