Why You Should Hire An Agency Over An Individual



June 25 , 2014 | Posted by Robert Urban |  |

Why You Should Hire An Agency Over An Individual

In today’s economic climate, everyone has to wear multiple hats. We work later than we used to and have to juggle things that may not fall in our area of expertise. As a result, many businesses face challenges beyond their employees’ expertise, knowledge, or tools available.

Marketing is a key component in any business’s success and if your business isn’t equipped with the right tools and know-how there is a strong possibility that you could do incredible damage to your company.

What if Google penalized your website and removed it completely from the search results?
What if you spent thousands with no return on investment because you didn’t know the nuances of PPC?

I have seen both happen.

You could hire additional employees to conquer the challenges you face or you could train your present staff in the skills needed, thus inundating them with even more pressure. Or you can hire outside help through the use of an agency that is specifically geared toward helping you achieve your marketing goals.

That’s where Paperboat Media comes in. We have the right tools, the experience and the expertise of the culmination of knowledge of our entire team vice the experience of one individual.

You can also sever the tie when the job is done. Since we never ask for contracts, you aren’t locked into anything. We feel as if we need to earn your business every month.

When I was in my early 20’s I thought I was smart enough to take care of a home repair masonry job. I botched it and had to hire a real mason. He came in ( laughed at what I did) and because he had the right tools and experience was able to easily complete the job. it’s not that he was smarter than me, just that this was his area of expertise.

Same goes for us- let us be the experts, let our team take responsibility for the results and let you focus on your job. By the time you incorporate training, time lost, benefits, insurance, workspace and so many other factors hiring an agency makes an incredible amount of fiscal sense as well.

Contact us now if you have a project or need that you need help with or is out of your expertise. We would love to help.