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  • WordPress Troubleshooting: If you are having problems with WordPress, we can pinpoint the problem and recommend solutions.
  • WordPress Upgrades: Want to upgrade your WordPress Installation, theme,or plugins or  to latest versions? We can easily do that for you. We take plugin compatibility etc. into account before actually upgrading to ensure that there’s no downtime.
  • WordPress Basics Help: New to WordPress and want to get familiar with basics? We can provide you tutorials about the topic you want.
  • WordPress Advanced Features: Shopping Carts and Picture Galleries can be complex and require periodic maintenance. We can upgrade carts, maintain shopping catalogs, etc.

We deliver quality WordPress Support Services at reasonable prices. Don’t spend hours troubleshooting WordPress problems; instead contact us to keep your site running smoothly.

WordPress Maintenance Plan

We Are Here To Help You

Your blog is just software.

And like software on your desktop, it will have problems with time.

  1. It will get slow.
  2. It will need updates.
  3. It will require regular backups.

We offer maintenance services to make sure that your blog stays fast, updated and secure.

Under our maintenance plan, we provide following services:

  1. Automatic Updates: Of course, it will not be automatic. It will be automatic for you! We will update your plugins and themes regularly so that you always have latest features available to you.
  2. Performance Optimization: Maintenance should not mean updates only. After all, it’s just one part of the picture. We also offer Free CDN* with every maintenance plan. This ensures that your blog stays fast.
  3. Regular Backups: We take weekly backups of all your files and databases. So,even if your hosting company goes out of business and shuts down without warning, you will have all your content secure without any worries.
  4. Minor Site Issues : Service includes 3-4 questions per month(any issues or changes taking less than 30 minutes).

Prices for Maintenance Subscription

With a monthly plan, you can leave all the tension of upgrades and problems on us. We will upgrade your theme and plugins every week and cover any security holes. We will solve any minor problems for free and you will get a discount on bigger requests. The monthly plan currently costs $49 per month for each blog/website. You can pay monthly or opt for a discounted quarterly plan of $129.

There are some things that we should let you know first though:

  1. Content updates are not included in the package. We handle only plugins, themes and WordPress updates. Anything extra requires pay as you go work request. However, as a maintenance subscriber you will get a discount on larger work requests.
  2. All the plugins are upgraded within 1 week of new version launch.
  3. If we have not set up your website and it has custom code, there will be a setup fee of $99. We need to document all your changes so that they are not wiped out in next update.

Contact us today to discuss either plan