Leadership Orlando

President -Robert Urban

At an early age Robert was heavily influenced by the character and professionalism of a wrestling coach who had been in the Marines. Robert decided to follow inleadership orlando robert urban his mentors footsteps and build a foundational stepping stone for his life. He learned quickly about the merits of hard work, being promoted to the rank of Sergeant at 19, one of the youngest in the Marine Corps, and Honcho2Uniform ( his call sign) effectively led his men over the next few years through operations all over the world. He assembled great teams, looked at the long term goals of the assignment and selected the proper tools and tactics to deploy-the same thing he does in business every day.
After being honorably discharged he moved to Orlando and traded in his cammies for a suit. He began his professional career as a recruiter for a technology and marketing staffing firm, and quickly made a name for himself. An early adopter of social media, he proved it as an effective marketing tool in the recruiting business. He founded and still runs the Orlando Marketing Executives Group (Omega) through LinkedIn.

He worked his way up to be a partner in an international marketing and IT consulting firm-recommending marketing strategies that integrated technology, marketing, and social media and also helping build the teams to provision that strategy. Along the way he also worked as a partner in a software company, acted as the Chief Marketing Officer for a digital agency, worked in destination management marketing for a travel and tourism company  and helped small, mid-sized business,and non-profits grow by providing recommendations that helped them build revenue and relationships. 

 In 2011, Robert founded PaperBoat Media. His goal was to create a Digital Agency that understood their client’s business goals and offer a customized solution that was affordable, high quality, and most of all effective. He wanted to surround himself with the absolute best people in their respective disciplines that he had met over the years and use this dream team to build an incredible company

Vice President -Timmy Rupeiks

Timmy has had two very special blessings since he was a baby–Mom and Pops, and their unconditional love, which has shaped and continues to shape his life to this day. Too many lessons to recount here, but two that he still cherishes: how to serve others from his mother and how to trust your intuition from his father. 

Timmy & Claudia website picture

This has led him down a wonderful path. A philosophy major at Santa Clara University, he was interested in following his heart, so he finished school and went abroad for three years with a volunteer program to live and serve a Habitat for Humanity community in Peru. Forever changed by this experience, he returned to the States and became Program Director for a faith-based AmeriCorps program. He recruited recent college graduates to become volunteers as well as recruiting the non-profits that would help sponsor and host the volunteers.

From recruiting volunteers, he went to recruiting IT professionals for a nationwide recruiting and staffing company. During his tenure, he built many long-lasting and significant relationships and quickly became a top-producer for the local market as well as the company as a whole. In search of something more, he took a 2 month sabbatical and then joined a software start-up company.

In the middle of this, his friend, and best man in his wedding, Robert Urban, had a dream. He dreamt that the two friends would help build and grow Paperboat Media together. Trusting his father’s intuition, he accepted the invitation to partner with a great friend and serve others leveraging the technology he has learned about through the years.

He is married to his beautiful bride, Claudia, and is a soon-to-be father who is anxious to impart his own lessons on their little one. Timmy serves on the Board of Directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida and is currently a member as well past Program Chair and Board of Directors for SIM Central Florida, the premier IT Executive networking group in the area.