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Restaurant marketing has changed drastically in the last 5 years.  In the past, buying print advertising, radio spots, and passing out flyers was a costly venture that only few operators could afford regularly.  Today everything has changed. The Social and Mobile Explosion made us rethink how we do everything. Social media marketing, good search engine optimization, responsive websites and effective email marketing have proven to be extremely powerful and cost effective.  Best of all, these marketing efforts are all measurable, allowing owners to see exactly how many customers have viewed their marketing collateral.

PaperBoat Media is a leader in restaurant marketing.  Our results speak for themselves.  We consistently drive thousands of website visitors a month to our clients websites.  We provide marketing collateral development, consulting, and complete marketing management services. We have worked with restaurants, and food and bev companies some of the hottest areas in th US to include Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA, Orlando, Fl, Charlotte, NC, Nashville, TN, Dallas , Tx and more.

Our Orlando Restaurant Marketing Services Include:

  • Orlando Restaurant Marketing Plan Development
  • Orlando Restaurant Marketing Consulting
  • Orlando Restaurant Website Design
  • Orlando Restaurant Search Engine Optimization
  • Orlando Restaurant Search Engine Marketing
  • Orlando Restaurant Social Media Marketing
  • Orlando Restaurant Email Marketing
  • Orlando Restaurant Graphic Design
  • Orlando Restaurant Photography
  • Orlando Food Photography
  • Orlando Restaurant Videography

We have produced results for international, domestic, regional and local restaurant brands, both company owned and franchise organizations

We are well-respected restaurant marketing and branding agency with a successful track record of positioning restaurants and franchise businesses, creating effective restaurant marketing programs, engineering restaurant menus to maximize margin, identifying limited time offers, and establishing focused restaurant communication plans that generate high returns-on-investment for restaurants and franchises.

We have launched new restaurant concepts, grown established restaurant brands, revitalized tired restaurant chains and turned around troubled restaurants.

We balance guest counts, margin, average check and value of a customer in building your business. As well respected international restaurant agency, we understand restaurant financials. Great marketing ideas must not just drive traffic and sales but must do so profitably. All of our programs are developed to optimize the bottom line while driving guests through the doors.

We engage targeted consumers to make a visit now.Our restaurant marketing consulting agency will focus your budget to do a few things really well. We will help you establish a dialogue with your targeted consumers that live or work convenient to your locations in order to get your desired message across and make an impression that lasts.We work with restaurant “operators” and understand the importance of executing ideas at the store level. All ideas, no matter how big or small they are, must be able to be executed throughout all aspects of the restaurant’s operation, including at the hourly employee level. Our team of restaurant marketing and branding consultants take full responsibility to execute all of our programs all the way to the store level.We employ a proven methodology in driving trade-area businesses.We don’t offer “canned” strategies. We do employ a proven restaurant consulting methodology that has generated a track record of successes for many trade-area driven businesses, and the results speak for themselves. Your restaurant brand will be uniquely positioned in the marketplace to thrive in today’s highly competitive market.

We offer a full range of restaurant marketing services… complete or a la carte

PaperBoat Media has the expertise, experience and a track record of successes in all of the key restaurant and franchise marketing areas needed to succeed as a brand. The services that are eventually used by you will depend on the strategy agreed upon.

Here is an example of how we work.

Are We A Good Fit?

Being choosy isn’t a bad thing – especially when it comes to selecting a restaurant expert. We believe in taking a phased approach that methodically leads down a path of larger development. Each phase is self-sufficient and beneficial by itself, but all stages connect and culminate seamlessly. You don’t want to launch into a major consulting relationship without first taking a few test spins, right? At the same time, we want to make sure our relationship is a good fit, too.

Here’s how we work.

1. Tell Us About Yourself. For Real.

As one of the most sought-after restaurant experts in the business, we get more than 50 inquiries a month from clients all over the world. We appreciate each and every one of them. But, unfortunately, we can’t work with everybody. To help us figure out if we’re right for you, tell us about yourself, your business and what you’re looking for. Be specific.

Please don’t send us a “Request for Proposal” form letter. We’re appreciative of the interest, but we work largely with referrals, returning clients or new clients that seem like a tailored fit. Many details need to line up for both parties – timing, scope, chemistry, budget, etc.. So we request a little more information about a project to help in the mutual screening process.

 2. Are We the Restaurant Expert You’re Looking for? Circle YES or NO.

Our agency will review your information, and then we’ll ask a few additional questions. Now we’re getting there — exchanging a bit of information. If it looks like a good fit, it’s time for a complimentary phone consultation. We’ll exchange a little more information (under a confidentiality agreement) to get a better idea of what you need and how we can help. There is no charge, and it’s not a sales pitch.

If we’re a match made in heaven, let’s spend some time together. With an existing operation, we’ll do a field visit, reviewing the facilities, operations and the people. If it’s a new venture, we’ll find someplace quiet and private in the market you’re exploring.

We take our role as your restaurant expert seriously – our team does a lot of homework. Send us as much information as you can; we’ll pore through it, analyze it, identify some initial key findings and add to that our own pre-visit research about the market, competition and other pertinent factors.

Our main goal is to understand where you are, where you want to be and how we can combine our collective resources to get you there. Give us a list of your toughest and most pressing questions – anything that’s keeping you awake at night regarding business challenges and opportunities. Let’s hit the ground running and get to work. We are restaurant experts. This is what we do.

4. A-Ha! Here’s what We Found.

After completing the initial analysis, on-site audit (if warranted) and a full day planning session, we’ll summarize key findings and recommendations in the core topics we discussed as well as additional considerations we believe are important for you in the development phases ahead.

The most meaningful value from such a report is netted from our discoveries, those ah-ha! moments, collective ideation, collaboration and combined passions – all aimed tightly on defining and creating your vision for the future. It’s an approach no other restaurant experts take. Typically the investment for a one-to-two-day planning session and report starts at $10,000.

5. What Next?

The restaurant business is complex — so many moving pieces and parts to consider. We help break down the steps of development into phases to make it easier to digest. You’ll have questions – questions for a restaurant expert. We’ll answer all of them and give you a sense of direction you didn’t have before. We’ll give you an outline based on the big picture. As appropriate or requested, we’ll also diagram the specifics of how we can help in each phase moving forward. Our advice isn’t dependent on you hiring us, either.

If you do hire us, though, you’ll get an agency dedicated to your project — restaurant experts who believe in your direction and goals just as much as you do.

And that’s why a good fit is so important to both of us.