Orlando SEO or Global? Which is right for you?



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Orlando SEO or Global? Which is right for you?

 Orlando SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There is a reason that so many of our clients are ranked #1 on Google for keywords important to their business. We are good at what we do! Do you own a website that is not currently ranking high on the search engines? What is the value of a website if no one can find it on the Internet? It is like having a salesman that never makes a phone call or a visit. Orlando SEO

Paperboat Media can optimize your website so that it will rank as high as possible on the search engines. This is called search engine optimization, or SEO. If you are a local merchant, you need local Orlando Search Engine Optimization. If you sell products worldwide via the Internet, you need global SEO- the tactics, while having some overlap, differ enough to have separate strategies.

The first decision you need to make is: do you want to optimize for the local Orlando market or for the global market? We can do both and have had success with both.

Most business is local. Most people shop in their local community. The goal of local Orlando search engine optimization is to have your website ranked near the top when a potential customer does a search for the product or service you offer, followed by the name of the city or metro area. Some examples: Orlando dentist, auto repair in Winter Park, Lake Mary real estate, and many other iterations. Google and the other search engines are beginning to “be smart” enough to recognize when someone puts in a search that is local. For example, if you put in dentist, you are probably not doing research on dentist in NY- you are looking for someone local and near you. The results are not proximity based, meaning Google, doesn’t just list various dentist according to miles from you, but recognizes several other factors to offer you best result for your query.

We can optimize your website for the global market if you can ship your products long distance. If you have an eCommerce website, geography is not an issue. Customers can order online from anywhere in the world.

This assumes you have a website to be optimized. If you don’t we can help with that as well or point you to webdesign companies we trust.

When your website is optimized for the global market, your website is listed when someone does a search for your product, without stating a location. You will be competing against millions of websites all over the world, not just those websites in your local community. If your product is shoes, you must compete against the websites of companies like Nike and Keds. (random thought..remember Roo’s- the show with the zipper from the 80’s?)

Search engine optimization for a global eCommerce website will cost much more than local Orlando search engine optimization for an area merchant depending on the competitiveness of the term. Remember that you do not need to sell world wide just because your product can be shipped. Consumers in your local community are much easier to sell to than consumers 6,000 miles away. If you have a limited budget, optimize for the local market until you can afford to compete world wide.

In almost everything Paperboat markets- ROI is king. The same should be held in esteem for your business. Where is the most profit?

When you are ready to do business on a national or global scale, your SEO consultant should be a professional who specializes in International markets and Global SEO. It is one thing to optimize a local business that draws its customers from a 20 mile radius; it is a much larger job to optimize a website to play on the world stage. The first question you need to ask your SEO consultant, before hiring him or her, is to name a few sites that he has optimized for the global market. Then go to Google, and type in the search terms (incognito, without stating a city) and see where his or her clients rank.

We follow the guidelines set by the search engines. We do not use deception or tricks to inflate your rank. We use white hat ethical SEO. We will always be honest with you about what you can realistically expect from any International or Orlando search engine optimization

We are not the only Orlando search engine optimization company. We hope you will do business with us, but if you select another firm, we want you to know who the good guys are. If you have need a second opinion or just want to compare prices, give us a call. There are two or three firms that I believe also do incredible work in Orlando.

Let’s understand that any search engine listing could change before lunch. There is no way to guarantee that we can do for you what we have done for other websites. Search results change every few hours.

Orlando SEO Basics

Our Orlando SEO division often gets phone calls from people who wonder why their website does not get listed in the search results for specific key words. Many times when we look at the website we find and point out that those key words do not appear anywhere on their site. Web designers tend to be very creative, and while they build beautiful websites, many forget the importance of text or have no understanding of SEO.

If you want to be listed as a bank in Orlando, you must use the words “bank” and “Orlando” in the title, in the description tag, and at least twice in the text, near the top of the page. Do not use the phrase “financial institution” with a beautiful photo of the bank and a great view of Orlando. Search engines read text. This is basic SEO.

Search Engines are also getting very good at interpreting text and the wording on your website must sound natural.  If you just repeat your keywords over-and-over chances are that Search Engines will view this as “Keyword Stuffing” and devalue or not rank your site at all for those all important keywords.  The text should be written so that it is clear, concise and easy to understand, without a lot of bloating just for the purpose of  keyword repetition.

Our expert content creators can write compelling copy that converts, and is easily found andunderstood by search engines and the human user.

Orlando SEO Tips and Advice

Many web hosting companies offer services which could harm your search engine optimization. The most common is buying multiple domain names, and “pointing” them all toward one website. The problem is, most search engines consider this to be duplicate content, and can impose a penalty or drop you from the search engine index. There needs to be original, unique content at each domain name. If you move your domain to a new name, use a 301 redirect to notify the search engines that the site has moved and is not duplicate.

Very few web designers understand SEO or know how to do a 301 redirect. They will often tell you it does not matter. They know “lots of people” who point different domain names at a site without any difficulty. We suggest that you find a web designer who has read the search engine’s advice to webmasters and knows how to do a 301 redirect. There are instructions all over the Internet.

Google gives priority to older, well established domains. If you have a new website, it helps to register your domain for the full ten years. The cost is minimal. It shows stability and demonstrates that you intend to be in business and keep your website on the Internet. Many affiliate spammers put websites up for short periods of time, and then pull them down. A spammer will register his domain for the shortest period of time. The search engines know this. If your domain is paid for the next decade and your competition has a domain that expires in 90 days, what does that say about who plans to remain in business? All of these factors are a part of search engine optimization.

At the very bottom of this page, there are two icons marked W3C that you can click, to verify that our HTML code passes W3C validation. Some search engines give priority to websites that validate via W3C. MSN has stated that websites “must” validate. The purpose of W3C validation is to have one standard for HTML code that will work on every computer connected to the internet in every nation, and with every browser. When you see a W3C icon, click it, if the code validates you are dealing with a world class company. This will help the website’s search engine optimization.

Yahoo and MSN challenge Google

MSN has launched new search technology and Yahoo is the #1 portal on the Internet, but Google remains the number one search engine in the minds of most people. Microsoft is spending several billion dollars on research and development, while Google is working hard to stay ahead. It will be interesting to see how this evolves over the next few years, and how search engine optimization may change but for the time being and the near future Google is king. It is interesting to note, however that there are certain niche industries that Bing or Yahoo capture the lion’s share. At Paperboat Media, we know how to tell where your traffic is coming from and the priority of action.

Search engine optimization will make your website a valuable resource for people seeking information about the product or service you sell. It is not enough to simply tell the public that you are open for business. Consumers want to know a little about you. They want to become comfortable with you.

In today’s age, people want to connect. In a sea of products, how do you stand out? What is your story? Why you, versus them?

Always show value- for example, if you sell watches, write an article and tell consumers what to look for, and what to avoid, when selecting a watch. If you do not have writing skills, Paperboat Media will interview you and write the articles for your website. This is Internet Marketing. Good copy is the foundation of good SEO.

An old, but true adage is to treat your website like Google didn’t exist. Be natural in your copy.

The major search engines index every most of the words of text on a good website, and as a result of good SEO, a well optimized website can appear in different types of search results and different combinations of keywords and phrases. Each page on your website should be siloed and have one theme.

People moving to any town have a thirst for information about the local community. What is there to do? What do people recommend? In a place like Orlando, with unusually high transient rates and a constant influx of new people (potential customers), Paperboat Media gives them the answers. This is ethical search engine optimization and good public relations.

For more Orlando SEO tips and techniques or if you have any questions regarding your specific needs, contact us today.